Best Father’s Day Gifts for Hunters and Anglers

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Hunters and Anglers

Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day is never a simple task. From gear-head dads who already seem to own one of everything to the well-rounded outdoorsman father figure, it can be difficult to decide on just one item. To save you some time, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite picks for the dad in your life to show your appreciation for all that they do.

outdoor kids inside world cover

It would be pretty damn passive-aggressive to buy a parenting book for your dad—so maybe make this the gift you give to a partner, brother, son, cousin, in-law, etc. It’s Steve’s third straight New York Times Best Seller and an essential read for anyone who wants to immerse their children in the wild world. Drawing on personal experiences with parenting in urban and rural areas, Steve shares hard-earned lessons about the benefits and challenges of getting kids engaged with hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, gardening, and more.

chest rig

Many outdoors activities require quick and easy access to a variety of tools and gear. The FHF Chest Rig puts all your things in the most visible and accessible place possible, whether that’s dry flies, floatant, and nippers, or binoculars, wind checker, and calls. Every dad needs a good spot to stash his stuff while on the water or in the woods.

meateater logo wear

Help Dad show off his carnivorous pride with some of our great hats and shirts! Being a hunter, angler, and meat eater is worth celebrating whether you’re on the mountain, river, or patio.

bloody box

Spice things up this Father’s Day with a customized Bloody Mary box. This gift set includes a tasty bloody mix, a beer sidecar glass, and a pile of pickled accouterments from Forest Floor Foods based out of Wisconsin. Add some booze and raise a glass to all the father figures out there.

orgin hoody

Whether your pops likes to jig for perch on the ice or chase elk across the mountains, there's sure to be a First Lite baselayer that fits his needs. All our baselayers are constructed with cutting-edge Merino fabric to keep your old man comfortable on every adventure. From the do-it-all Kiln Hoody to the Furnace Zip Off long john to the Wick Quarter Zip, a First Lite baselayer should be the foundation of your dad’s next outdoor clothing system.

phelps calls

If your pops hunts gobblers—or even aspires to—then this is the perfect gift for him. These three packs include Steve and Jani’s favorite diaphragm calls, all of which are easy for hunters of any skill level to use. Disclaimer: Dad will open the package on Father’s Day and will soon annoy the family with a series of exquisite yelps, purrs, putts, and cuts.


As a kid, you begged your dad for a real knife until he finally broke down and bought you one. Now, you can return the favor. The Benchmade Hidden Canyon is a fixed blade created for precision cutting tasks like deboning meat or filleting fish. The CPM-S90V stainless blade holds up cut after cut, so your dad can spend more time harvesting meat and less time sharpening. Plus, with a 2.79-inch blade and an overall weight of only 3.11 ounces, the Hidden Canyon works great for both hunting tasks and everyday carry.

lodge cast iron

A good cast iron is an invaluable kitchen tool. Get your dad a nice skillet and cook him up some homemade venison sausage for breakfast. Then, spend the day together fishing and bring back some eaters to throw in the pan for supper. Or just stick the it in the truck and cook your catch over some hot coals with a little seasoning right there on the water’s edge. The only thing you have to decide is if a 10-inch pan is going to do the trick or if you’ll need to go bigger to fit your fish.

Solitude Vest (40% Off!)
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First Lite

Dead silent and feature-rich, the Men's Solitude Insulated Vest is a versatile option for the dedicated tree stand hunter in the first half of the season.

Dirtbag Duffle
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First Lite

Whether you toss it in the back of a pickup, strap it to an ATV, pack it in a floatplane, or carry it through an airport, the First Lite Dirtbag Duffle is your new favorite travel companion.

Flex Field Belt
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First Lite

This is not your standard nylon webbing belt. Heavy-duty stretch is woven into the durable nylon webbing, allowing the belt to flex with you while crouching on a hillside or stepping over deadfall. 

Moonlite Reclining Camp Chair
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An ultralight reclining chair built for the backcountry with oversized tubes and forged aluminum hubs for exceptional strength and stability.

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