A Gift for Every Hunter in Your Life (Including You)

A Gift for Every Hunter in Your Life (Including You)

With Christmas just over a month away and Black Friday right around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about gifts for the hunters in your life.

We’ve got you covered. This ultimate holiday wish list includes gift ideas for deer hunters, duck hunters, and everyone in between. Plus, every item is part of our biggest sale ever—with prices reduced by as much as 40%!

Our last hot tip? Don’t wait. These deals won’t last long, and you don’t want to end up on your favorite hunter’s naughty list.

Stocking Stuffers for Hunters

[PRODUCT] Zero Cold Weather OTC Sock

Cold feet are the worst. That’s why we designed the First Lite Zero Cold Weather OTC Sock with a high-lofted merino knit for maximum warmth and protection from the elements. Reinforcements in the toe and heel add durability and compression through the ankle and arch lock in fit to create a sock that can stand up to the harshest of late-season conditions.

[PRODUCT] Synergy Series Organizer Bags

An organized pack is the sign of an organized mind, and FHF’s Synergy Series Organizer Bags lets you have both. Available in four different sizes and two different colors, these bags keep your gear where it needs to be so you’re not fumbling for your headlamp in the dark. Plus, the durable 500D Cordura material and #8 YKK coil zippers mean these bags will hold together season after season.

[PRODUCT] Rangefinder Pouch 2.0

FHF’s new-and-improved rangefinder pouch features a padded and structured build, a MOLLE attachment system, and a fixed closure. What does this mean in the field? You can attach your rangefinder to virtually anything, and the pouch won’t fold or bend. Your rangefinder is secure until you need it, and accessing it is always convenient and silent.

[PRODUCT] Harness Shoulder Pad

Even the best bino harness or chest rig can become uncomfortable after a long day in the field. That’s why FHF offers a Harness Shoulder Pad that fits any FHF harness system. The Shoulder Pad offers additional padding to keep your harness from chafing, but it also contains the strap ends of the harness and keeps the webbing from bunching or twisting under your pack. Plus, we’ve found that it also increases airflow and helps keep you dry on those early-season hunts.

bear grease.jpg

Our crack team of graphic designers has been hard at work all year, and we’re proud to offer a variety of MeatEater branded hats, shirts, and gear at reduced prices! Everything from our turkey t-shirt to the degenerate angler hoody to the super popular Bear Grease hat is on sale. But these deals will only last while our supplies do, so take advantage of these deals before it’s too late.

Gifts for Cooks


The new 15500 Meatcrafter™️ is a hybrid hunting fixed blade with a fine, smooth edge to trim, debone, or slice with precision. Teamed up with the MeatEater Fish & Game Cookbook, you’ll be sure to impress everyone with new culinary skills and wild game meals.

[PRODUCT] Meatcrafter® Knife 2.0

The MeatCrafter® Knife 2.0 is simply the best boning, processing, and cooking knife available on the market. Paired with the Meater Plus, you’re well on your way to achieving the most perfectly cooked cuts of meat of your culinary career.

[PRODUCT] Large Boos Maple Cutting Board

Carve, chop and showcase your biggest spreads with this MeatEater Cutting Board by John Boos. This full-sized cutting board can easily handle a whole turkey, a couple of backstraps, a few game birds, or a pile of steaks. Made from Northern Hard Rock Maple, this board is durable and built to last a generation.

[PRODUCT] MeatEater Fire Breather Hot Sauce

MeatEater Hot Sauce & BBQ Sauce

Whether you like it hot or sweet and smoky, we’ve got the sauce for you. Thanks to the fresh pepper flavor with hints of garlic and smoke, our versatile hot sauce will kick up the heat level on just about anything, from unicorn shanks to jackalope roasts. Our smokey, tangy, Kansas City-style BBQ sauce is perfect to serve alongside brisket, slather over burgers, or baste on a rack of brontosaurus ribs.

Gifts for Deer Hunters

[PRODUCT] Whitetail Catalyst Bib Pant

This bib is for serious whitetail hunters. Ultra-quiet, durable, breathable, and water-resistant, its two-layer softshell both insulates and breathes exceptionally well, making it a versatile option for a wide range of temperatures and conditions. It’s also packed with features like tree stand-specific pocketing, full-length leg zips, adjustable waistband, and KitLink system compatibility. If the hunter in your life is crazy about whitetails, they’ll be crazy about the Whitetail Catalyst Bib Pant.

[PRODUCT] Sanctuary 2.0 Insulated Jacket

When the cold has forced other hunters indoors, the Sanctuary 2.0 Jacket will keep you in the field through those bitterly cold, late-season hunts. With a proprietary combination of six layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth, this thing is an oven. It’s also water-resistant, wind-resistant, and utilizes our Shooter's cut, allowing you to draw your weapon uninhibited.

Gifts for Ducks Hunters

[PRODUCT] Refuge Bib

Hardcore waterfowl hunters know that bad weather often means good duck hunting. That’s why they need gear that will keep them both warm and dry, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with the Refuge Bib. These bibs are insulated, waterproof, and windproof for superior protection in both pit and layout blinds. Paired with the Refuge Parka and heavy base layers, the Refuge Bib will keep you in the water at temperatures well below zero.

[PRODUCT] Refuge Parka

The Refuge Parka is exactly that—a refuge against the harshest elements a waterfowl hunter can face. Like the Refuge Bib, the Parka is insulated, waterproof, and windproof for comfort in temps well below zero. Bottom line? The Refuge outerwear system is carefully designed to help hunters from every flyway go farther and stay longer through the best and worst days in the field.

[PRODUCT] Chest Rig

Let’s be honest: FHF’s Chest Rig is a phenomenal addition to any hunter’s kit. You might even wear it around the house for easy access to snacks and the TV remote. But when you’re bundled up in a layout blind and don’t want to fiddle around with your pants pockets, it’s best to have all your gear securely fastened to your chest. That’s exactly what you’re getting with the Chest Rig paired with the Waterfowl insert kit. The kit is tailor-made for waterfowl hunting and features sleeves for calls, shells, and pretty much anything else a waterfowl hunter needs.

Gifts for Western Hunters

[PRODUCT] Men's Furnace Henley

Whether you pulled a late-season elk hunt or are down to the closing bell in the treestand, First Lite's Furnace Henley is the perfect tool to help you punch that tag in cold weather. Using our Merino-X 350g EXP weight fabric, the Furnace Henley provides lofted insulation and protection from the coldest temperatures. Featuring flatlock seams, a henley snap button placket an articulated fit, the Furnace Henley is the ideal layering piece over our other lightweight, next-to-skin styles.


Animals don’t always appear where we expect them to. That’s why it’s important to have a stable rifle rest ready to go at a moment’s notice—and that’s what you get with the TAC MTN Rifle Rest from FHF Gear. This ingenious system can be attached to a tripod leg or trekking pole for a simple, solid rest under virtually any conditions. Plus, the cradle portion of the rest is built using a custom aluminum stay design, and military-grade nylon webbing offers a stable and user-friendly system.

[PRODUCT] Young'n Calf Call

Everyone wants to bugle like a bull elk, but sometimes a calf call is the better strategy. That’s where the Phelps’ Young’n Calf Call comes in. This small, one-piece external calf call is designed to let any elk hunter make an authentic calf call with minimal effort. It features a thin mylar reed and specifically-sized exhaust orifice for that high-pitched call sure to bring in the elk you’re looking for.

[PRODUCT] Renegade Elk Bugle Tube

If you (or your favorite hunter) are looking for a compact bugle tube that produces the most realistic, resonant sounds on the market, look no further than the Renegade Bugle Tube from Phelps. Large corrugations in the chamber provide great resonance, and the over-cupped exhaust bell offers backpressure and resistance, making it easier to use with ALL diaphragm calls. The tube’s thick walls also provide extreme volume and no plastic sound.

Gifts for Bow Hunters

[PRODUCT] Bino Harness PRO-M

FHF’s PRO-M Bino Harness took the market by storm in 2017, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. This version of the PRO harness is equipped with a laminated MOLLE panel on the underside of the pouch, allowing for quick and easy accessory or gun holster attachment. It’s constructed from very little elastic, which cuts down on bouncing, and it has pockets on the front, rear, and lid. Plus, like all FHF gear, it’s made right here in the USA.

[PRODUCT] Mini AMP Elk Call 3 Pack

It’s tough to create a one-size-fits-all elk or turkey call. Different hunting scenarios require different pitches and tones, and sometimes you need to expand your calling range beyond what a single call can deliver. That’s why Phelps offers three-pack calling kits that feature some of their favorite turkey and elk diaphragm calls. They have 3-packs for beginner hunters, veteran hunters, and everyone in between.


It doesn’t get much better than this. The Unleashed Bugle Tube from Phelps Game Calls offers top-of-the-line sound and is available in black, First Lite Fusion, and First Lite Cipher camo patterns. Large corrugations in the chamber provide great resonance, and the 1.25-inch flared mouth opening offers comfort and usability. If the bow hunter in your life is hoping to chase big bull elk next season, they won’t want to leave the truck without the Unleashed Bugle Tube in tow.


Phelps EZ SUK'R
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Meet the new, patent-pending cow and calf call from Phelps Game Calls that uses inhale technology to produce crisp and clear sounds every time.  Features a replaceable voice module.
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A versatile fixed-blade capable of performing throughout any season, on any species.
Diamondback HD Binoculars 10x42
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Vortex Optics
Rock-solid optic that optically punches high above its class.
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