Steve’s Garage: Wall and Ceiling Organization

Psychological peace can be found in many places; the side of a mountain, the bottom of the ocean, even in your own garage. So, how can a place that holds the most gear, tools, and stuff provide any sense of mental clarity? Thoughtful organization.

I like to keep items handy that make it out on every trip and my workspace tidy. I intentionally build shelves to exactly fit the bins they’re holding, which are specifically selected to best suit their contents. For example, small, stackable, clear plastic containers are great for things like bolts or fishing lures, but larger Rubbermaid bins are more appropriate for waders and ice fishing gear.

Labels are useful to keep track of exactly what you have and know precisely where it’s at. Additionally, organizing your space by activity or season will also help you find what you need so you can spend more time outside and less time looking for that one missing sock.

For more garage and gear content, check out my glassing kit and early season antelope kit.

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