Steve's Garage: Glassing Kit

Optics are a critical component of any hunter's tool arsenal, and this is the standard setup I take on most of my hunts.

I use an FHF Bino Harness to keep my Vortex rangefinder and binos easily accessible on my chest. For most western hunts 10x42mm is a great size, but if I’m doing something a little closer range, like turkey hunting, I might opt for an 8x42mm.

An 85mm spotting scope is awesome to have along on hunts, but you might not be inclined to carry that extra weight. The 65mm angled scope is a nice compromise that's a little lighter but still provides the optical performance required for long glassing sessions.

There are a lot of great tripods on the market, but my go-to is the Outdoorsmans. While it might be heavy, it's extremely durable. Nothing beats having a super steady platform to glass and shoot from.

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