Introducing the World's Most Beginner-Friendly Cow Elk Call!

The EZ SUK’R is a hands-free call that produces incredibly authentic cow and calf sounds. It’s specifically designed for easy use for hunters who are diaphragm-challenged. The hands-free design allows for ultimate weapon control in the heat of the moment. And because this call uses inhalation, it’s more durable and longer lasting than most traditional diaphragm calls because the latex and tape aren’t getting wet.

This is not a singular sound call. You can change out the AMP diaphragm to your liking to make a higher or deeper tone. Additionally, if your hands are available, you can cup the call to produce a more complex sound. The EZ SUK'R is designed to fit any elk hunting situation and any level of elk hunter. It’s so easy, even Steven Rinella could make a good cow call with it.

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