Cal’s Hawaii Bowhunting Kit

Cal’s Hawaii Bowhunting Kit

Hawaii isn’t the average backdrop for a bowhunting trip. For starters, navigation is a bit different. Locals use the terms mauka and makai, meaning mountain and ocean respectively, to orient themselves. And while the climate doesn’t leave much to complain about, you certainly don’t need to be wearing your heaviest down coat to hunt this special place. Here are a few key items we brought on our Big Island hunt.

First Lite Wick Hoody The Wick Hoody is built for hot weather and high exertion. First Lite's high-quality Merino wool ensures body temperature regulation from cool coastal mornings to hot Hawaiian afternoons. It also aids in masking scent. While we were putting the sneak on feral goats, this hoody kept us concealed and cool.

The Essential Meatcrafter Any serious hunt requires a sharp knife or two. Benchmade’s Essential Meatcrafter is a superb all-around blade to take into the field, but its versatility has earned a place in hunting backpacks and kitchen drawers alike. The long, fixed blade has the power to debone the hindquarter of an elk, the flexibility to fillet an uhu, and the delicacy to slice flesh sashimi-thin with precision.

Mermaid’s Trident Even the freshest harvests need to be properly seasoned. Mermaid’s Trident is a versatile seasoning blend that can enhance a fresh catch, roasted vegetables, or even an old nanny goat. The simple blend of citrus and garlic with earthy notes of mustard and chardonnay is a surefire way to step up your culinary game.

Planning a Hawaiian hunt of your own? Check out the complete gear list used on this trip here. And if you haven’t seen the episode yet, head on over to Netflix now.

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