Video of the Day: Hunting is Conservation

Video of the Day: Hunting is Conservation

By Mark Kenyon

“Hunting is conservation.” It’s a simple statement that many of us hold to be truth, and also the wisely selected slogan for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. More recently though, the RMEF has launched an ambitious video project that fleshes out that slogan and the deep-rooted beliefs behind it. How exactly does hunting equate to conservation?

In this video project, by the same name, the RMEF and a wide slate of biologists, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts speak out about the importance of hunting as a conservation tool, and many other issues and questions that revolve around this issue. The result is a series of videos available now on the RMEF YouTube channel that is, in my opinion, of value to all hunters – regardless of what species you pursue. That said, if you’d like to check out the entire playlist (13 videos total) – click here. Below, I’ve embedded a few of my favorites to get you started.

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