Video: Black Bear Steals Candy from Gas Station

California has a weird relationship with its big predators. From their pattern of poisoning mountain lions on golf courses to their effort to ban black bear hunting—you never know what’s going to come out of the Golden State. This footage from last fall might take the Little Debbie, though.

In not one, not two, but in three separate videos, a black bear was documented entering the same Lake Tahoe convenience store. Besides its weekly raid on the snack aisles, the bear also broke into a Safeway grocery store and crashed a birthday party to eat cake.

Authorities eventually trapped the 16-year-old bear and relocated it to an undisclosed wilderness area. They also fitted it with a GPS collar to track its movements and ensure it never crosses paths with another 7-Eleven. But if it does, Paul Heigh will be ready this time.

“Fighting off bears was not in the job description, but it is now apparently,” the pictured convenience store clerk told KOVR News.

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