We Need Your Help to Make Wildcat Bend a Wildlife Management Area!

We Need Your Help to Make Wildcat Bend a Wildlife Management Area!

Through your generous donations in the Auction House of Oddities, we raised $150,000 in support of the 2023 Land Access Initiative Project: Wildcat Bend North in Rosebud County, Montana. This property is 328 acres of high-quality riparian habitat that provides for a diverse array of huntable and non-huntable species. But we haven’t quite crossed the finish line to get this property into public hands.

Because this is a piece of private land that is going to be established as a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) it must be approved by the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission as well as the Montana State Land Board. With numerous public comments in support, Montana FWP has approved the proposed action to establish the Wildcat WMA.

On Monday, November 20, the Montana State Land Board is meeting, and the Wildcat WMA is on the agenda for discussion. Here’s where we need your help.
Write in by email at landboard@mt.gov, your comments matter. Please let the land board know why you would value and appreciate this addition to our Montana State lands. You can also stream the meeting live here at 9:00 AM (MST); Wildcat Bend is first on the Agenda.

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