MeatEater, Inc. Welcomes Ryan Callaghan as Director of Conservation

MeatEater, Inc. Welcomes Ryan Callaghan as Director of Conservation

We are thrilled to welcome Ryan “Cal” Callaghan to MeatEater, Inc. as Director of Conservation. Ryan has been a beloved friend of MeatEater’s and a frequent guest on both the MeatEater TV show and podcast since 2012. Prior to joining MeatEater, Ryan spent 12 years with technical hunting apparel brand First Lite, initially consulting the brand as a full time guide, which then led to his role as director of conservation at the organization.

With a love for the outdoors that stems from his childhood, Ryan brings a deep passion for wildlife and unparalleled knowledge about how to preserve it for generations to come. In his new role, Ryan will use MeatEater’s media platform to highlight the most impactful conversations happening in the conservation space.

“Callaghan is a rare breed,” said Steven Rinella. “First off, he’s a die-hard and lifelong outdoorsman who has total legitimacy. There’s no questioning his authority to talk about anything technical or practical. He’s seen it all. But what makes him really special is that he can speak eloquently and with great humor about the trickier parts of hunting and fishing. I’m talking about the spiritual stuff, the big questions and the why of it all. He’s brilliant without having to try. Easily, he’s one of my favorite people on earth.”

“It’s a bittersweet transition for all of us at First Lite,” said Ross Copperman, VP of Sales & Marketing at First Lite.  “Cal has been here since the early days and was always an important part of the team.  We are very happy, however, that he will still be a part of our extended family with MeatEater and we know he’s destined to succeed in his new role.”

To commemorate Cal’s move to MeatEater, Inc., we have created a long-requested t-shirt bearing the phrase Cal memorably uttered when he and Steve were false charged by a grizzly bear in British Columbia in fall 2013. One hundred percent of the profits of the t-shirt sales through the end of the year will be donated to Public Land and Water Association.


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