MeatEater Hunts S01 E05 May 6, 2020

Texas Hog Hunting with Brody Henderson and Alvin Dedeaux

MeatEater's Senior Hunting Editor Brody Henderson heads south to hunt feral pigs with his good friend Alvin Dedeaux. The guys start their trip with a visit to the YETI Flagship Store in downtown Austin, Texas to speak at a Backcountry Hunters and Anglers event. After their short trip to the city, it's time to start looking for hogs on a local ranch. Alvin is a long-time fishing guide who just recently completed his hunter safety course, while Brody has been hunting his whole life. An experienced non-local guiding an inexperienced local is not an optimal situation, but time spent with a good friend exploring a new part of the country sounds like a recipe for a damn good time to us.

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