Spearing Dinosaurs Part 2

Fur Hat Ice Tour S01 E06 Dec 11, 2020

Spearing Dinosaurs Part 2

While part 1 is all about the preparation for sturgeon season, part 2 follows Janis, Jake, and his whole crew as they attempt to achieve the improbable, spear a lake sturgeon by hand through a hole in the ice. Success requires patience, intense focus, quick reflexes, and a steady hand. Will Janis and Jake be one of the triumphant few, or will they go home empty handed? The raucous parties continue, Janis learns how to butcher a sturgeon, and Mary Lou and Vic Schneider teach him how to make caviar. To close the episode, Janis visits some of Jake Andrews' close friends, the Floyd family, who welcome him them into their home and serve him sturgeon 5 different ways.

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