Favorite Fish

Fur Hat Ice Tour S01 E04 Nov 27, 2020

Favorite Fish

Janis continues the Minnesota segment of the tour on Lake Mille Lacs. He's guided by renowned angler and wildlife biologist Mandy Uhrich. Mandy knows as much about this walleye fishery and the reasons why it has changed over the past generation, as anyone. Mille Lacs is not the ridiculous walleye factory it was 30 years ago, and while that's very difficult for local anglers and businesses to accept, the situation is more complicated than many people realize. By talking with Mandy as well as the region's fish biologist, the former head of the Minnesota DNR, and local anglers and shop owners, Jani tries to better understand what has changed in this lake, why those changes have happened, and what it ultimately means for the area and the ecosystem. #fueledbynature

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