Das Boat S02 E05 Oct 18, 2020

Freshwater Drum with Danielle Prewett and Frank Smethurst

For the finale of Das Boat Season 2, MeatEater Wild Foods Contributor Danielle Prewett and longtime fishing guide Frank Smethurst, head to Red Lake, Minnesota. Red Lake is one of the most celebrated walleye fisheries in the country. But we’re not after walleye. We’re after the one fish out here that no one seems to like: freshwater drum. The locals call them sheepshead, and curse them as a nuisance by-catch, useless fish that steal bait and waste time. The thing is, freshwater drum are related to red fish and black drum, two gulf coast saltwater species that just about everyone agrees are delicious. Are these fish really that bad, or is this a case of people just believing what they're told and not experimenting for themselves? Few are better prepared to investigate that question than Danielle Prewett, a Texan with lots of experience cooking redfish. Das Boat gets one final upgrade when Minnesota guide and artist Josh Desmit stops by and christens her with a bad ass new paint job. After getting bounced around on Red Lake and learning some of the finer points of worm fishing, Danielle and Frank put freshwater drum to the taste test and prove, once and for all, that these fish are damn good. #fueledbynature

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