Das Boat S02 E02 Sep 20, 2020

Au Sable River Trout with Janis Putelis and Brian Kozminski

In the second episode of Season 2, Steve hauls Dos Boat to Boyne City, Michigan, where Janis Putelis assumes the helm. Jani connects with local trout fishing guide Brian "Koz" Kozminski. Together, they try to get the boat prepared for a nighttime river expedition by removing the outboard and setting it up for rowing. Nothing in this episode goes as planned—the weather turns from lovely to wet and stormy, and the guys spend multiple nights in the cold getting their asses handed to them by brown trout. Along the way they discuss: the history and fish of the Iconic Au Sable river, the giant hexagenia mayflies that hatch there, whether or not fish give a damn how pretty your cast is, the shit load of fishing options in Michigan, the ability to pivot when conditions suck, and a hell of a lot more.

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