Mark Kenyon and Doug Duren Get to Work on the Farm

Back 40 S02 E02 Nov 15, 2020

Mark Kenyon and Doug Duren Get to Work on the Farm

In this episode, Mark Kenyon is joined by everyone's favorite guitar-picking Wisconsinite Doug Duren to revisit the plan he proposed during his 2019 visit to the farm. Doug and Mark have a goal to get 55 trees in the ground and double the acreage of food plots on the property. Along the way they'll show new hunter Dan Jajo the ropes and hope that he can earn a chance to come back and hunt later in the year. With just a few days to get all of the work done, things really need to go according to plan. Of course, they don't. Will the guys be able to finish off these projects despite broken equipment and oppressive August heat?

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