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Ep. 365: What Would Mark Drury Do?

Ep. 365: What Would Mark Drury Do?

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Today on the show I’m joined by Mark Drury to run through a series of hypothetical deer hunting scenarios ranging from small property habitat improvements, to dealing with hunting competition from the neighbors, to patterning specific bucks during the rut.

Topics discussed:

  • What would Mark do if he lost of his farms/leases?
  • What would the ideal small 40 acre farm look like if Mark Drury had to start all over again?
  • How Mark would analyze photos/sightings prior to the season after discovering a new target deer
  • What Mark does on the night before the season opener
  • Would Mark hunt opening day or wait, if he had bad weather conditions?
  • How would Mark hunt a 20 degree temperature drop on October 14th?
  • What would Mark do if he spotted an early hot doe in mid-October?
  • What would Mark do if he saw a buck move out of range in the same location two out of three days?
  • What to do if you get busted by a buck?
  • Should you swing for the fences the day before gun season?
  • One day and one spot to kill a buck, where would it be?

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