Ep. 355: Becoming an Elite Deer Hunter with Joe Rentmeester

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Today on the show I’m joined by Wisconsin bowhunter and Hunting Beast contributor Joe Rentmeester to discuss his take on the aggressive hunting tactics that have led him to becoming one of the best DIY deer hunters around.

Topics discussed:

  • What Joe’s early days of hunting looked like
  • How he connected with Dan Infalt and started learning from him in-person
  • The most important lessons he’s learned from Dan Infalt
  • How his style differs from Infalt
  • Tips for locating and targeting specific bucks
  • Ideas for hunting early season mornings
  • Predicting buck bedding areas
  • How to determine the right spot to set-up VS pushing in farther
  • How Joe “won” back to back Public Land Challenges
  • One deer hunting “rule” we need to forget
  • One deer hunting “rule” we all need to learn
  • When to be aggressive, when not

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