Ep. 354: Your Epic Summer Wild Game Cookout with Danielle Prewett

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Today on the show I’m joined by MeatEater wild foods contributing editor Danielle Prewett  to discuss everything you need to know to make this your very best summer of wild game cookouts ever.

Topics discussed:

  • What was on the menu for Memorial Day weekend
  • What kind of wild game comes to Danielle’s mind during the summer
  • How long is venison good in the freezer?
  • Best practices for grilling steaks outside
  • To marinade or not? And how to do it best
  • The scoop on rubs
  • Summer burger grilling tips
  • How to spice up your wild game Taco Tuesdays
  • Ideal thickness for your steaks
  • Barbecue and sloppy joes
  • Tex Mex rubs and cooking techniques
  • Other summer wild game favorites
  • Ideas for summer camp food

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