Ep. 341: Planning a Once-in-a-Lifetime Michigan Deer Hunt with Dan Johnson

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Today on the show I’m joined by Dan Johnson to discuss his very exciting, albeit long delayed, decision to finally leave the promised land of Iowa to experience a deer hunt in the great state of Michigan.

Topics discussed:

  • How Dan Johnson and his family are handling the COVID-19 impacts
  • Tips for working at home with kids
  • Why Dan Johnson finally decided to come hunt Michigan
  • When the Dan Johnson Michigan deer hunt is happening
  • The plan for finding quality public land in Michigan
  • Scouting for early season hunts
  • Camping/eating ideas for a public land DIY hunt
  • Tips for finding unpressured deer
  • Buck bedding areas in swampy regions
  • Is Michigan a better hunting state than advertised?
  • Setting goals and expectations for hunting a new state
  • A tip for finding higher quality public hunting spots in high pressure states
  • What Dan will have to do to deal with CWD regulations in Michigan


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