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Ep. 340: Land Management Wisdom and the Coronavirus with Doug Duren

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Today I’m joined by the wise man of southwestern Wisconsin, Doug Duren, to discuss land management philosophies, achieving balance, improving the Back 40, and the impacts of the novel coronavirus on future conservation efforts.

Topics discussed:

  • How Doug and I are dealing with the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis
  • Weird parallels between the public’s reaction to the coronavirus and CWD
  • How the pandemic, and resulting economic and attention crises, might impact future conservation efforts
  • How Doug Duren came to his current conservation ethic
  • How Doug would describe his conservation philosophy
  • Balancing wilderness preservation VS land management
  • Understanding why managing invasives or non-native species is important
  • Why managing for balance in an ecosystem makes sense
  • Doug’s thoughts on the Back 40
  • Ideas for getting more trees on the landscape


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