Ep. 332: The Power of Regenerative Wildlife Agriculture with Jason Snavely

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Today on the show I’m joined by wildlife biologist Jason Snavely to discuss the exciting new concept of regenerative wildlife agriculture and how these concepts can be applied on your hunting property.

Topics discussed:

  • Who is Jason Snavely
  • What is regenerative wildlife agriculture
  • Why RWA matters for deer hunters
  • How RWA can lead to a higher target environment and healthier wildlife
  • What I got right on the Back 40
  • What I got wrong on the Back 40
  • The importance of soil
  • The principals of healthy soil
  • Trials and tribulations with no-till drills
  • Can you start and manage food plots without herbicide?
  • Terminating crops with a crimper and without
  • Thoughts on rotating crops and planting diversity
  • How deer determine nutritional content and benefit from higher quality plants and soil

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