Ep. 331: Transforming the Back 40 for Whitetails with Jeff Sturgis

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Today on the show I’m joined by Jeff Sturgis, of Whitetail Habitat Solutions, to get his first impressions on our Back 40 property and his tactical recommendations for improving it for deer and deer hunting.

Topics discussed:

  • Sturgis’ first impression of the Back 40 after walking it during late August 2019
  • The importance of sanctuary and the perceived security of deer
  • Factoring hunting and access routes into the locations of your habitat improvements
  • Why Jeff recommends linear food plots and how he chooses their paths
  • Where Sturgis recommends we place food plots on the Back 40 and what we should plant
  • How Jeff believes we could incorporate switch grass and pollinator pockets to transform our old fields
  • The importance of screening cover
  • Jeff’s recommendations on specific hunting locations on the Back 40


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