Ep. 327: Cooking Better Wild Game with Danielle Prewett

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Today on the show I’m joined by Danielle Prewett, creator of Wild and Whole, to discuss techniques, concepts, and recipes for cooking better wild game and taking your venison to the next level.

Topics discussed:

  • Feeding a family of 5 with only one deer?
  • My late-season close call with “Tran”
  • Our favorite simple wild game holiday recipes
  • Who Danielle Prewett is and how she became a wild game cooking educator
  • How to properly value wild game
  • Cooking/tenderizing tough cuts of meat
  • The importance of salting meat at the right time
  • Cooking a venison backstrap properly
  • Making homemade wild game stock
  • Importance of letting meat sit at room temperature AND letting meat rest
  • The best oil to cook wild game in
  • “Gamey” meat and how to avoid it
  • The right way to brown ground venison
  • Alcohol pairings for wild game


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