Ep. 317: Our Backcountry Boundary Waters Whitetail Hunt

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Today on the show we are finally recapping our epic backcountry canoe-in whitetail hunt in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Northern Minnesota. And then we hear from Lukas Leaf, of Sportsman for the Boundary Waters, about the current threats to this landscape and what we can do to help.

Topics discussed:

  • Why we wanted to whitetail hunt in the backcountry of the Boundary Waters wilderness
  • How Furter went about researching and planning our hunt
  • The gear we brought along for a canoe-in backcountry deer hunt
  • The first deer sign we saw and how the early hunts went
  • Our fishing interludes and attempts to feed ourselves
  • Grouse hunting distractions
  • How we attempted to find deer in the Boundary Waters
  • The hunting strategy for the week
  • What makes this place so special
  • Why everyone should experience this place
  • The latest on the proposed mines along the Boundary Waters and why it should not happen in this location
  • Where things stand in the approval process for the mines
  • What we can do to help protect the Boundary Waters


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