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Ep. 43: Mark Kenyon

Ep. 43: Mark Kenyon

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Mark Kenyon is a whitetail hunter. I'm not breaking any news here of course, but that doesn't mean it's not important to note. 

Kenyon lives for hunting deer and his dedication to the pursuit is absolute. That makes him one hell of a resource for the rest of us, and his thoughtful approach to the subject makes him all the more valuable. 

Even though I grew up focused primarily on hunting whitetails, it's experts like Kenyon that can help take my skills to the next level. That's why it's great to have him on our team at MeatEater, Inc., and to have the Wired to Hunt media empire he's building as part of our company. 

I caught up with Kenyon at our offices in Bozeman, Mont., to recap the MeatEater Christmas party, talk about ethics in whitetail hunting and challenge some of the accepted norms in the community. It was a great conversation and one of many more to come. Enjoy.


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