Ep. 36: Land Tawney

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Land Tawney is a lot of things. Most folks know him for his job title: president/CEO of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA). They know him as the fiery leader of a passionate group of huntin’ and fishin’ public land advocates. During his rise at BHA, Land has made a name for himself as a man unwilling to compromise and certainly willing to fight for what he believes.

Get to know Tawney, though, and you’ll find that he’s all about service. He serves the hunting community, BHA membership, his family and his home state of Montana in all that he does.

Tawney joined me at the MeatEater, Inc., headquarters to talk about the state of the public land movement, the freshly concluded midterm elections and the important legislation that needs all of our attention. It was one of my favorite conversations. Enjoy.