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Ep. 30: Charles “The Rabbit Man” Rodney

Ep. 30: Charles “The Rabbit Man” Rodney

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Charles “The Rabbit Man” Rodney is my guest for this week’s episode of the podcast. Charles is no hunting celebrity or any kind of influencer, but he is without a doubt one of my favorite people. You’ll find out why when you listen to this episode.

Simply put, Charles loves rabbit hunting, it’s the only game in town for him—it says so on his business card. Funny thing is, Charles isn’t in business to sell hunts. He doesn’t guide for a living. A devoutly religious man, he just meets folks he really likes and takes them rabbit hunting. No money exchanges hands, no favors at all, he just loves to hunt and will take every opportunity he can to add another to his congregation. Charles brings with him a loyal pack of “dawgs,” beagles to be precise, and they’re some of the best hounds you’ll ever find. 

Enjoy Mr. Rodney’s story and I hope it sheds light on one man’s giving nature and how spreading the good word of hunting can be its own reward.


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