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Ep. 135: Wolves Aren’t Great Hunters, a Cougar’s 17 Kills in Two Months, and Finding the Predator’s Purpose with Yellowstone National Park’s Dr. Daniel Stahler

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On this week’s show, the guys announce the winners of the Great American Outdoors Contest while Ben fights a hangover. In the interview portion, Ben meets Dr. Daniel Stahler on a dirt road overlooking the town of Gardiner, Montana situated right smack on the 45th parallel of latitude. Dr. Stahler, a veteran wildlife biologist who first came to the park in 1997 to be a part of its wolf program, was making a trek into what he calls a “cluster site” of a local mountain lion in the developing heat of an early July morning. Ben follows along to talk about the purpose of predators on the landscape. Enjoy.


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