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Ep. 516: Huntin' Ducks and Bussin' With The Boys

Ep. 516: Huntin' Ducks and Bussin' With The Boys

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Topics discussed: Bussin’ With The Boys podcast hosts, Taylor and Will, go duck huntin’; getting moved into the classic rock category; intro-ing our outro; elk bugles in metal music; opening presents; Clovis tipped hunting spears; mast year impacts on deer harvest; why you should get acquainted with your state anti-hunter harassment laws; the new MeatEater Outdoor Cookbook is now available for pre-order; when you get knocked out and come to all emotional; Will and Taylor’s love story; bad roommates; when the turkey gobble sounds like, “pow!”; how being a pro athlete translates well into being a good hunter; serious workin’ man Steve; the one day you leave your pocket knife in the hotel room; leveling up; the incredible number of hours Cal has put into Snort; point with your eyes, not your hands; who you wanna spend time with in a duck blind; bringing the locker room to life; the bus that doesn’t move; speaking of pubes; and more.

Outro music by Jesse Collins of Montana.

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