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Ep. 488: The Wyoming Corner Crossing Lawyer Finally Speaks Out

Ep. 488: The Wyoming Corner Crossing Lawyer Finally Speaks Out

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Topics discussed: Political figures who pose as hunters; island biogeography and culling mule deer on Catalina; when you follow a girl to Wyoming; law doggin’; driving a turtle cross country to reunite with another turtle; when you thought checkerboard is where you play chess; philosophical, moral, and legal; the fence builder, his employee, the truck repairman, and the highschool band director; property lines as arbitrary and what people kill each other over; when the case went from state to federal court; "it looked elk-y"; can't touch the T-post; value of the property trespass; the irony of having exclusive access to public land; how you should maybe be mad at your real estate agent; not guilty on the criminal case; the conditions around airspace trespass; listening to supreme court arguments while you’re out on your morning jog; legal risk; physically identifying the stake; the wider implications; will this case go to the Supreme Court?; and more.

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