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Episode 068: Cazenovia, Wisconsin. Steven Rinella talks with the outdoor writer Pat Durkin, “Buckman” Doug Duren, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

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Subjects Discussed: Are coyotes and wolves really killing all the deer?; habitat as the driving factor for deer populations; is Doug part of the problem or part of the solution?; dirty farming vs. clean farming; newspapers and the death of outdoor columnists; the pen is mightier than the fire hydrant; resident locksmiths on naval vessels; fatherly advice; Deer and Deer Hunting magazine; why you should hunt whenever the Green Bay Packers are playing; expert hunters who can’t tell one tree from another; deer make people stupid; the viciousness of deer politics; the scholarly consensus; the most insulting article someone could write if his aim was to piss off deer hunters; blaze pink; the relative merits of various midwesterners; buck movements during the rut; shirkers; stress impacts on antler development; do sanctuaries actually work?; lunar phases and deer movements; is camo a bunch of bullshit?; selling venison; and more.

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CWD news you won’t hear from state

Patrick Durkin: DNR won’t tell you, but CWD-infected deer numbers surging

The environmental messaging in Roger Water’s new tune, Deja Vu, is kind of heartbreaking.

The Private Life of Deer- Infographic: Learn About the Whitetailed Deer

The whitetailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) can be found anywhere from Southern Canada to South America. The white tail for which the animal is named is a key feature for communication; when the tail goes up, it’s signaling neighboring deer to be on high alert. Highly adaptable, the deer is able to succeed where other species cannot—in wild spaces that border developed areas, suburban homes and farmland. Just a century ago there were around 1 million deer in North America. Today, there are 30 million.


Woodsmanship, the Lost Art of Huntingbecause woodmanship can only make you a better hunter.

Read up on Sanctuaries: Attract, Protect, Hold, Hunt  from the Quality Deer Management Association