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Ep. 522: Hammering Hogs with Cam Hanes

Ep. 522: Hammering Hogs with Cam Hanes

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Topics discussed: Getting bested by an armadillo; calling in a pissed off javelina; soft, malleable mettle; how Seth’s antler rattling sequence on the podcast possibly called in a deer; RIP “Floppy”; how you really need professional help to neuter a cat; would you want 43,000 monkeys living next door?; stuff gets out in Texas; is Bigfoot a vector for trichinosis?; getting your ammo thrown in the trash vs. getting arrested; being mostly good at many things or being great at one thing; maintaining awareness of all the arguments against wild pigs, while sticking with your treatment of them as a game animal; how having blood on your hands doesn’t mean you don’t care; the theory that we’re governed by a fear of death; no baby named “Steve”; old folks are mentally tougher than young folks; Cam on ultra marathons and how our bodies are incredible; how the weekly mileage you put in helps you run a single race of that length; being 100% focused on getting that elk; running a marathon per day; how elk are very susceptible to stalking; always looking at the numbers; how hunting teaches that an optimistic mindset is almost better than anything else; lights out; and more. 

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