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Ep. 446: When an African Cape Buffalo Beats Your Butt

Ep. 446: When an African Cape Buffalo Beats Your Butt

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Topics include: The guy who's had a hunting license for over 60 years; recalling the Roosevelt Safari; when you guide Roosevelt and then Hemmingway in Africa; convalescing after a run-in with a cape buffalo; cut-up elk sheds strewn across the land; when the Edmund Fitzgerald photobombs your dad's picture; running into a mob of 500 kangaroos; defining a “concession” in Tanzania; how a great tracker is both born and made; different kinds of poachers; homemade muzzleloaders for which AA batteries serve as slugs; the government official attached to every hunt party; how the Cecile the Lion debacle undermined hunting across Africa; a delicate balance of lion coalitions; the 22-month gestation period for a female elephant; discussing the play-to-play model; defining "safari" as a journey; the double men; what being a true professional hunter entails; pith helmets; and more.

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