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Ep. 444: When the Turtles Come For You

Ep. 444: When the Turtles Come For You

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Topics include: Debating what makes a good freeze dried meal; T's fear of snakes; pre-order our latest book, "Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars"; a scientific paper on the high rate of flit knapping injuries; how Florida may Constitutionalize the right to hunt and fish; how soap can make humans more attractive to mosquitos; how burning coals inside an old, dry coconut is the best skeeter repellent; when Kimi rejected a job offer to be a mermaid; a Moulin Rouge outfit in Paris and claiming that snakes can't swim, when they can; corrections on the fastest wind speeds; ciguatera, the toxin found in large reef fish that makes you sick; when Kimi called Seth a liar; country fried turtle steak; is conch harvesting unsustainable in the Bahamas?; mushy meat; bonefish being too much work; flashlights in the hole; the elusive cubera; and more. 

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