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Ep. 425: The Liberal Redneck

Ep. 425: The Liberal Redneck

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Topics include: Chattanooga Charlie on "Veronica Mars"; wearing a MAGA hat so that no one talks to you; a conservative barista; pre-order Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars today; having a rude awakening to the fact that boneless wings aren't wings; South Carolina's coyote harvest incentive program; let's raise some money to Save Teddy's Church in D.C.; in defense of golf courses; cleaning MOOP at Burning Man; growing up in OshKosh B'gosh; the southern accent; the world record smallmouth bass; when your dad owns a video store; starting on the redneck comedy schtick; where fancy people and trashy people intersect; The Liberal Redneck's commentary; how right wingers need to figure out how to do funny comedy; Trae's new comedy special on Amazon; why Southerners are just born good story tellers; the longest goodbyes; and more. 

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