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Ep. 421: Wolverines

Ep. 421: Wolverines

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Topics include: The Oedipus complex; sexy critters; Steve getting serious about climate change because of poison ivy; the special tiki bar in Nashville; the Phelps Harrison Owl Hooter; how claims of private property value diminution are irrelevant when it comes to whether corner crossing is legal or not; a real breakdown of the refried bean dilemma; the bigger the better, when it comes to scorpions; The Founder Effect; how snow leopards are attracted to Chanel No. 5 and Obsession by Calvin Klein; being fluent in Mongolia; the bioclimatic envelope of the wolverine; seeing a wolverine in the wild; shirtless Putin with an Amur tiger; deriving special energy from wolves; the very long trip of M56; long-term parental care; International Wolverine Day as a better reason to celebrate February 14th; digitigrade vs. plantigrade; eating marmot; how to donate to wolverine research and get in touch with Rebecca if you spot a wolverine; and more. 

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