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Ep. 419: Hot Legs and Burnin' Squirrel

Ep. 419: Hot Legs and Burnin' Squirrel

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Topics include: Hot wings, six ways; unstabilized lard is superior; when you scratch your beard and come up with the answer; what a larder is; Kevin's melted ring bangle jewelry; neanderthal's euro mount collections; the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect; the "weights in fish!" Leatherman; cheating at a walleye tournament and encouraging your son to pass off counterfeit money; cremating your deceased dogs and saving a spot for yourself among them; how Steve doesn't like to re-hunt spots for small game; addressing wild cattle in the Gila Wilderness; Australia's Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers party; when you find a human deadhead; Florida country club considers relocation due to "aggressive squirrels''; how the Chinese train squirrels to detect drugs; your antipodes; testing wind direction with milkweed; and more.

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