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Ep. 409: Lung King

Ep. 409: Lung King

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Topics include: Discussing déja poo; the defining of flatus; preserving, rather than killing, bacteria; gathering ginkgo biloba nuts from trees in NYC; eating wild game and keeping kosher; holy blood; meeting your cadaver; how badly Steve wants to go on NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross; eating everything but bones and teeth; eating embryonic eggs; getting curdled mother's milk from the calf; Jonathan’s quest to overturn the why it's currently illegal to commercially sell and eat lung in the United States; bullshit food beliefs; Jonathan's petition to the USDA; the non-pasteurized milk craze; how eating cholesterol doesn't raise your cholesterol; overdosing on fat soluble vitamins; the hormones you can and can't eat; teaming up with the haggis folks in the UK; the Anatomy Eats dinner series; Jonathan's book, "The Unseen Body"; and more.

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