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Ep. 389: Calling Ducks With Koe Wetzel

Ep. 389: Calling Ducks With Koe Wetzel

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Topics discussed: Steve's face on a box of waterfowl ammo; Koe's advice to Chester: stop playing music; Dre's hoodie and the mystery of Tupac; the MeatEater Trivia t-shirt is finally here!; when your dog eats your rib; second degree baiting and ethics; robo deer; growing up in the chicken capital of the world; skinny Texas ducks; Waldorf and Ambrosia salads; living on a bus; when your manager is the life of the party; internships in construction; crying in Spanish and moving to Austin; variations of “Juke Box Hero”; is Lou Wetzel related to Koe?: melody first and notes on the phone; why it's "Hell Paso"; Koe performs "YellaBush Road" in The MeatEater Podcast studio; and more.

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