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Ep. 354: If There's Lead In The Air, There's Hope In The Heart

Ep. 354: If There's Lead In The Air, There's Hope In The Heart

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Topics discussed: How Steve still insists on his theory that D&D created today's falconry community; spending 19 hours hunting per single grouse harvested in NY State; MeatEater's Campfire Stories 2: Narrow Misses and More Close Calls is out!; go get our brand new EZ SUK'R cow elk call from Phelps Game Calls; a reminder to submit your project to our Land Access Initiative; FirstLite's partnership with Delta Waterfowl; profile pictures and differing opinions on what's offensive; green crab whiskey and eating invasive species; lead shot and waterfowl die offs; getting thrown in jail for shooting red tails; how the lead issue is definitely not just a condor issue; the story of AC-9; chelation and depuration as great Scrabble words; supplement tubs; how condors returned to the same caves their ancestors had lived in during the Pleistocene; hunters responding; being uneasy about bans; following the science and when science becomes weaponized; the North American Non-lead Partnership and Hunting With Non-lead; and more.

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