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Ep. 320: Rut, The Dating App

Ep. 320: Rut, The Dating App

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Topics discussed: MeatEater's dating app idea called "Rut"; bison as livestock or wild game; when critters know damn well that hunting season is on and go hide; how Steve wants to use Covid masks to make a goose down quilt; mapping CWD across the United States; refunding wolf tags in WI; a scientific study demonstrating the association between eating meat and good health outcomes; Danielle's Copycat Chick-Fil-A Turkey Nuggets; getting a Warner-Bratzler shear force test machine for the office; the whole Putelis clan talking to turkeys; Kevin's wowza food videos and “Holiday Ham” feral hog; Jesse Griffith's Hog Book; celebrating Kevin's James Beard Award nomination; meat mold; Maggie Hudlow's investigation into Florida's Senate Bill 2508; mesopredators and nest depredation; a raven's massive cache of duck eggs; the snake that ate radios; and more. 

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