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Ep. 307: Talking About Things That Are Not Sexy to Talk About

Ep. 307: Talking About Things That Are Not Sexy to Talk About

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Topics discussed: The Doug Duren Fact-Checking Alert App; Jim's sticker and the correct pronunciation of "coues"; Steve as a punt gun enthusiast; "rice breast" ducks; how Steve, Jani, and Corinne share the world's greatest doctor; very late duck migrations in 2021; canada geese benefitting from urbanization; how Cal was born with his mustache; FirstLite's new waterfowl line coming at you in 2022; "Typha"; the Shakespearean drama of Washington State's Fish and Game Commission; undermining the theory that rattlesnakes don't rattle anymore because people killed off all the ones that rattle; animals with Covid; when a Funeral Director's assistant writes in with hot tips on how to butcher a deer in the field to avoid disease; PFAS and EHD in deer; Jim's testicle stories; it's not a dog eat dog world; when Doug wrote a mean email to Steve; the CWD creep; mandatory testing?; a really nice buck...that's a doe; piebald deer and deer with fangs; a round of Trivia to bring in 2022!; and more.

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