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Ep. 299: Poppin' Heads with Evan Hafer

Ep. 299: Poppin' Heads with Evan Hafer

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Steven Rinella talks with Evan Hafer, Dirt Myth, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, and Samantha Bates.

Topics discussed: Steve and Seth doing a bed-in; eating tranquilized bear meat vs. being tranq-ed yourself; skunk tail lift regulating skunk spray dispersion; the novelty trade driving skunk pelt prices; a hot tip on containing funky critter essence odors; the amazing scientific finding that California condors can procreate through parthenogenesis, when an egg develops into an embryo without fertilization; how every-damn-thing is a Pleistocene relic; more on the copper/lead argument; a 1,200-year-old canoe discovered in a Wisconsin lake; when a moose charges through a school window in Canada; how you shouldn't put your duck blind up on public land if you're gonna complain when someone uses it; it ain't etiquette, it's Chetiquette; defining an IPO and Black Rifle Coffee Company getting a ticker; blacktail breakdown; wandering around in the coastal rainforest; a certain kind of mental discipline; the physical tightening of a man who just saw a deer; a hot tip on making your own coffee rub; robusta vs. arabica; and more.

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