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Ep. 297: Crap No!

Ep. 297: Crap No!

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Steven Rinella talks with Sean Weaver, Dylan Graves, Max Barta, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: "Steve, Cal, and Rorke Denver walk into a tiki bar...;" guiding in Kansas; eating Bugles with Cheez Whiz and olives; the inseparable duo of Sean and Max; shooting Sean's upcoming waterfowl show, Duck Lore; even more oddities to be auctioned off; old-timey names; eating a deer with that deer's own teeth; throwing your kids into the deep-end of the internet; cremating a racoon; a collared deer mount; genetics v. nutrition in whitetails; Nebraska's two-tiered duck bag limit option; the wild world of waterfowl regulations; 'Whatchagot Pot;' and more.

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