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Ep. 295: A Soft Spot for Outlaws

Ep. 295: A Soft Spot for Outlaws

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Topics discussed: F'd Old Deer Stands is back in stock; Chester the Divester's Book of Outdoor Etiquette, aka Chetiquette; Auction House of Oddities continues with original gnome art, Brody's black bear baculum, and a chance to win a seat at the MeatEater Podcast Trivia table; MeatEater women hunting specklebelly geese; Yellowstone's wolves or Montana's wolves?; being pro-wolf hunting doesn't mean you're anti-wolf; our moral responsibility to wildlife; an anti-fishing leaf blower movement; ask a cop; is it legal to parachute into land locked public land; being cool on your child support payments so you can pick up roadkill deer in Illinois; Paul Lewis, AKA "Zippers"; being a night cop and having BBQs at 7 in the morning; keeping your back to the wall; the origin story of FHF and how to keep current on their new releases; Sam's book, "Stories of the Past: An Arizona Game Warden Remembering the Outlaws"; the "it was just so big" excuse; gaboon vipers as the "One Step Snake"; robo turkeys; and more.

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