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Ep. 292: Chewbacco and the Avengables

Ep. 292: Chewbacco and the Avengables

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Steven Rinella talks with Jared Outlaw, Taylor McCall, Drew Loschke, Dirt Myth, Chester Floyd, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: The upper decker; the portable mud jug spittoon; how to listen to Taylor McCall’s new album, “Black, Powder, Soul”; Dirt Myth getting famous because of Brad Leone’s Bon Appetit video; the trifecta and insane amounts of tobacco use; taking a sip of a dip spit cocktail; snail mail; Go Fish! Rough Fish Edition; Steve’s dad’s identification of most bird species as tweety birds; go watch Das Boat Season 3; what you’ve been waiting for, MeatEater Season 10 out on Netflix; collecting Michigan’s red pine cones for allowance money; dipping’ Copenhagen at 16; Jared’s “How to clean a snapping turtle” and other videos; the brown leaf; snuff, snoose, and slim, white, dry thunder; for the love of nicotine; second hand dipping; Outlaw’s alternative dip; how much nicotine does it take to kill a man?; save the lungs, rock the gums; the time when fifth grade Steve ate tobacco; “Tree Pounder” and Jared’s other comedy fishing songs; rockin' the cowboy boots plus track pants look; and more.

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