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Ep. 289: We Did Start the Fire

Ep. 289: We Did Start the Fire

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Steven Rinella talks with Paul Hessburg, Rick Hutton, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: How Jani doesn't like growling bear rugs; the coyote on the couch; second degree kindred; FHF's upcoming gear launches; Brody's three and a half legged bear; Jani drawing his first bighorn tag; all the math required to pack well; redemption: the FUODS calendar sold out in 24 hours; Season 10 of MeatEater on Netflix dropping on September 29th; Ep. 258: "The Chit and the Poof"; Sunday hunting in PA; documentation that the ell of bear grease is a real thing; highschoolers working with skunk oil and fox urine; Fish Joyce's Dock; whitetails with Covid antibodies; the real impact of climate change and the increasing intensity of wildfires; the importance of prescribed burning; soil severity and seed caches; why big fires aren't news; what happens if we do nothing?; having a trigger reaction to logging; where we're headed; and more.

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