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Ep. 288: Viscera and Bones

Ep. 288: Viscera and Bones

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Steven Rinella talks with Ted Franklin Belue, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Jani's trouble with pant zippers; majoring in Boone and minoring in Kenton; dropping out of school to play the banjo; Ted being an extra in Last of the Mohicans; fashion forward longhunters; Boone's "tick licker"; the difference between a long rifle and a musket; making your own powder with your urine; the importance of basic diplomacy and not reveling in war; the first long hunt in Kentucky; a skeleton in a sycamore; alot of mythology; how Boone sang to his dogs; the two mysteries; hybrid accounts, footnotes, and a second West; the strange fate of Boone's remains and when bones and viscera are in different places; women civilizing men; Finding Daniel Boone, The Long Hunt, The Hunters of Kentucky, and the rest of Belue's books; and more.

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