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Ep. 280: Cat Scratch Fever

Ep. 280: Cat Scratch Fever

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Topics discussed: Spencer the Cat Lady; F'd Up Old Deer Stands fine art coffee table book as a calendar; AZ's new trail cam ban; the story of York encapsulating the evil of slavery; how Steve isn't into getting a Lewis and Clark expert on the podcast; finding morels in interesting places; "macrofructation," a word made up by Steve; how to pack out a dead human on a mule; the Tox; being trich pos; feral goat sashimi that gives you toxoplasmosis; ER docs who use Google; the definition of obligate; Mars Attacks; cat-shit-itis; tinnitis and ringing in your ears; our audiobook project, MeatEater Campfire Stories; doing toenail surgery while on a Zoom call; Duncan's death; walleye tournaments; fantasy bass fishing; and more.

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